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National Park Travelers Club

Our mission : The National Park Travelers Club is organized to provide networking and recognition opportunities for visitors to America’s National Park System and collectors of Passport to Your National Parks cancellation stamps. This Club shall further act to support and expand appreciation of the U.S. National Park System.

The National Park Travelers Club is open for anyone to join. The Club hosts an annual convention at a different park each year for anyone to attend, regardless of whether one is a member of the Club. Use the link at the top right to join the club.

Email the Club's Executive Board:

Nancy Bandley (stampqueen1) - President NPTC

Mike Brown (Mike) - Vice President NPTC

Craig Bailey (Craig) - Secretary NPTC

Paul Hairsine (MO Paul n Donna) - Treasurer NPTC

Pat Hierl (PassportPat) - Membership Director NPTC

Scott Stieglitz (thefly1013) - Member at Large NPTC

Click HERE to download the Membership Application Form for the National Park Travelers Club.

Monies collected from club membership dues will be used for membership cards, award certificates, website domain fees, and future Passport Stampers Convention expenses. Club officers are volunteers and will not profit from any money collected.