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Master Map Sample

The NPTC Master Map

Google Earth must be installed for the Map to open -
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1) Icons with a circle around them are locations at non-NPS managed facilities. Icons without a circle around them represent NPS-managed facilities.

2) Colors range from Red to Green, based on our level of confidence in the accuracy of the location placement. A green location represents a location that has been GPS-verified, or else is clearly visible in Google Earth, followed by decreasing confidence for yellow, orange, and red Placemarks.

3) Icon symbols:

Cabin – Basic Stamping Location.

Pine Tree – An important Park location, but with no stamp.

Office Building – A stamping location only open on weekdays.

Sunshine – A stamping location only open in the summer.

Snowflake – A stamping location only open in the winter.

Railroad Tracks in a Circle – A boarding location for an Amtrak Train with a Trails’n’Rails stamp.

Airplane – Important NPS plane landing location.

4) Some Placemarks are followed by an “asterisk”. The asterisk indicates that there are additional stamps available at this location. These additional stampers are either kept under a counter, or are extra copies of place-specific stamps that are found elsewhere within the Park.

The map is divided into the 9 EN stamping regions, with a State folder within each folder. There are a total of 60 State folders (50 States, two extra folders for Maryland and Virginia, 1 District, 5 Territories, and 2 stamps located in Canada.) Under each State folder is a folder for each Park located within that State. Since there are 453 total Parks, this means that there are probably close to 500 total Park folders (since many Parks cross State boundaries.) The Park folder will tell you whether the Park is a Unit, an Affiliated Area, a Heritage Area, or a Trail, give you some indication to the total number of stamps in the Park, and will include Placemarks for all stamps for that Park in the State. Note that if you right-click any PlaceMark you can quickly calculate the directions and distance to any other location – a very handy feature!

If you can provide any updates to the Master Map, particularly for the Red stamping locations,
please let us know!

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