Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ) The Master Database (MDB): This is one of most highly prized tools available to our members, especially if you collect park stamps. The Master Database is our crowd-sourced register of all the NPS and other stamping locations across the United States. It also allows to track and plan your National Park visits and stamps.
  2. ) Annual Convention: Each year the club organizes an annual convention at a different National Park Site for our annual members meeting, and club fellowship. Various special National Park tours, events, and programs in the local area are arranged by the club for the benefit of the membership. As a member, you are highly encouraged to attend the convention (if you are able) and enjoy exploring National Parks and meet you fellow club members. Additionally, special Park Passport Stamps are available at the convention only to attendees.
  3. ) Member Meet-Ups: Meetups happens around the country at different parks. If you attend, you also have access to a special official passport stamp different for each region.
  4. ) Unigrid Clearinghouse: The club maintains a collection of different park brochures (unigrids) that is free to all members. Traveling to National Park of American Samoa and want a copy of the map before you go? Contact the clearing house and they can probably send you one for free.
  5. ) Wiki: a crowdsourced wiki about members advice and tips to visiting different national parks.
  6. ) Trip Reports: Curious about visiting a particular national park site? Look through our database of member trips to that site, and get the lowdown on that park.
  7. ) Stamp Pad Newsletter: a quarterly newsletter about members and national park sites and tips and advice.
  8. ) Requesting stamps that you missed: The club runs a forum for trading and/or requesting passport stamps. Was the visitor center closed when you went to Big Bend. Ask and a member may have a copy or may be able to go to the park and get an impression for you (sometimes on the date that you had visited).
  9. ) The Collective Knowledge of NPTC members: a number of our members have been to ALL of the 417 NP units (some have been twice) and have a deep wealth of information about all aspects of visiting various national parks. All you have to do is ask on our private forums.
Membership dues are $10 for the first year, and $5 for every year after. You may pay to join/renew for multiple years (2.3.5 or etc.) at one time if you desire. We do not offer a life membership option at this time.
Your membership number is on your membership card. It is also on your User Profile on the website. To view your profile, click on your user name (when logged in) in the top menu, to the far right. You can also get to your User Profile by clicking here.

You can’t change your membership number.
The expiration date is on your membership card and on your User Profile on the website. To view your profile, click on your user name (when logged in) in the top menu, to the far right. You can also get to your User Profile by clicking here.

All memberships expire on the last day of the month. No one can see your membership number or expiration date except you. You can’t change your expiration date. You will also receive email notifications when your membership is close to expiring.
You will receive a membership card in the mail. You can also check your Profile on the website (see above). Your expiration date will be changed to reflect dues payment. This usually happens within 24 hours of paying with PayPal. It will take longer for checks. Allow time for the US Mail to be delivered to the Membership Director.
Lifetime Achievement Awards are given to people who have visited a minimum number of NPS park units: Bronze – visit 100 units; Silver – visit 200 units; Gold – visit 300 units; Platinum – visit ALL units. It doesn’t matter when you visited the unit or if you collected a stamp. No proof of visitation is required. Applications can be found under the “Awards” tab on the website.
This award is earned by visiting all NPS units in the lower 48 states. It does require you to visit Klondike Gold Rush NHP in Seattle WA and the Tule Lake CA, World War II Valor in the Pacific site. There is no time frame for earning this award. Applications can be found under the “Awards” tab on the website.
This award has four levels: Special Achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold. It is different than the Lifetime Achievement Award because it is an award for collecting stamps and visiting parks in one calendar year. You can apply for this award every year. In addition, a “Clean Sweep” award is available for those members who collect at least one stamp in each region in a calendar year.
You can renew your membership at any time, and for any length of time. We do not offer a ‘lifetime’ membership, but you can pay for as many years as you want.
No, dues are not refundable after you have been activated as a NPTC Member and given access to the website features.
Contact the Membership Director via PM or email ( ) and request up to 15 cards. Send a PM or email with the following information: - your name (and NPTC #, if you have it) - how many you would like (MAX of 15 only!) - the address to which you would like them sent

Remember, do not leave these cards lying around any national park sites without specific permission. They are great to hand out to people interested in stamping.