<strong>Terms of Use for www.parkstamps.org</strong> <br/> <strong>By using www.parkstamps.org users are agreeing to the following terms of use:</strong> <ol> <li>Users agree to not post any material that is patently offensive, defaming, libelous, or illegal. </li> <li>Users agree to not post personal attacks directed towards other users of the Forums. </li> <li>Users agree to not post any goods or services for sale, nor any other commercial solicitation. Routine suggestions for travel-related services rendered are permitted in our forums. </li> <li>Users agree that electioneering or campaigning outside of the elections or political forums is strictly prohibited. Anyone who is running for office, supporting a bylaws amendment, or posting anything related to a political or election topic whether for this club or outside this club must use the political or elections forum for these postings. This includes any posting that appears in forums as a direct thread or as part of a signature tagline or avatar. In the case of use of a signature tagline or avatar to disseminate information of a political or electioneering nature, all postings that include these are subject to moderation as outlined in the below procedures for administering the TOU, regardless of the content of the direct thread posting. </li> <li>Users agree not to extract data in any form from www.parkstamps.org other than for personal usage. Users agree to NOT use any data or information from www.parkstamps.org for any commercial purpose, whether or not there is a possibility of financial gain. Users also agree not to disseminate any proprietary (member-restricted) data or information to others on other websites, blogs, etc. without the expressed consent of the NPTC Executive Board unless such data was created by the user for personal use and shared to www.parkstamps.org for use in NPTC services. </li> <li>Users agree that whenever they post any material that is not their own (unless not copyrighted or otherwise in the public domain), the user will properly attribute this material to its author, and that the user will provide a link to the source of the material where obtained on the Internet. </li> <li>Users agree that they will not repost the entire text of articles, stories, or other copyrighted material that is not in the public domain, nor repost large sections of this material. Users agree that if they wish to share copyrighted material with other users that they will only post a short section of this material consistent with the "Fair Use Doctrine" in US copyright law, that the user will properly attribute this material to its source, and that the user will provide a link to the source material where obtained on the Internet. </li> <li>Users will not change the contents of a quote when using the quote feature. It is considered changing a quote when words are added or removed from a user's original post. To emphasize a point of a quote users may use the underline or bold function. </li> </ol> <small>(Adopted March 29, 2010. Amended December 13, 2012. Amended October 11, 2013. Amended April 8, 2014. Amended November 25, 2014. Amended January 10, 2015. Amended February 2, 2015. Amended July 9, 2015. Amended October 27, 2019. Amended April 2, 2022.)</small> <hr/> <strong>Procedure for administering the TOU - as developed by the TOU Moderators: </strong> <ol> <li>Moderators will review all reported posts and take appropriate action as they believe is required by the seriousness of the violation. Some of their actions in response may include an immediate modification to a post, a request to the reported member requesting a change to the post, or no action if determined not to be a TOU violation. </li> <li>Moderators may also lock a thread if there is excessive verbal sparring that has the potential to become a TOU violation. </li> <li>Moderators may also move a thread to their forum as they consider the content. The thread will be returned after moderation is completed.</li> <li>Moderators will recommend any punitive actions beyond moderation to the Executive Board for action by the Board. </li> <li>If a member believes their posts are being moderated unjustifiably or that a punitive action from the EB is unjust, they may appeal as follows: </li> <ol type="a"> <li>Appealer submits a message by Email to executiveboard@parkstamps.org within 5 days. </li> <li>Appeals panel will acknowledge appeal and acts as a group within 7 days. </li> </ol> </ol> <small>(Adopted July 9, 2015. Amended March 24, 2018.)</small>