About the National Park Travelers Club

The National Park Travelers Club (or NPTC) is a non-profit 501(c)7 social club organization whose mission is to provide networking and recognition opportunities for visitors to America's National Park System. This Club acts to support and expand appreciation of the U.S. National Park System.

History of the Club

The NPTC got it's initial start when Joe and Holly Scheppe started a MSN Group message board discussing our National Parks and the Passport to Your National Parks program. As time went on and more and more people joined the board, it eventually turned into the NPTC and www.parkstamps.org that we have here today. A big thanks to Joe and Holly, who are still NPTC members today, for laying the first foundations of our Club!

The NPTC was organized in 2004, at the second meeting of a small group of National Park enthusiasts. Since then, it has grown to over 2500 dues paying members. Paying dues gives members access to the Master Database and Master Map of all known National Park Passport Stamp locations, the right to vote in club elections, an exclusive newsletter (The Stamp Pad), and the opportunity to earn a number of awards just for doing what you already love - visiting our National Parks!

The online site features trip reports and hints for visiting parks, information on legislation impacting parks, and a message board for park related topics. The membership meets yearly at an Annual Convention and arranges several smaller group meetings at events such as park dedications or important park anniversaries.

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The Executive Board

The current Executive Board, the NPTC governing body, consists of the following 7 members. You may contact any Board member by clicking their name below to email them or you may contact the entire Executive Board at once by emailing executiveboard@parkstamps.org.

Real Name Parkstamps.org Username NPTC EB Position EB Term Ends (Summer of Given Year)
Yvonne Manske Yvonne President 2025
Robert Palmer RLP Vice President 2025
Craig Bailey Craig Secretary 2024
Paul Hairsine MO Paul n Donna Treasurer 2024
Pat Hierl PassportPat Membership Director 2024
Sharon Aubuchon Sharon A Member-at-Large 2025
Mike Brown Mike Member-at-Large 2024