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The National Park Travelers Club is the organization for anyone who enjoys visiting our National Parks and everyone collecting cancellations in the Passport to Your National Parks Program.

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Master Database

The NPTC's Master Database (MDB) is an application designed as a resource for trip planning and for tracking your progress in collecting Passport to your National Parks passport stamps. All information is crowdsourced by NPTC members and updated daily. Non-NPTC members will receive a 2-week trial access to the MDB; then it is restricted to dues-paying NPTC members only.

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Certificate and Awards

As an NPTC member, you'll be eligible to receive recognition of your progress in visiting the US National Park Service units. Awards include the Master Traveler Award, given annually to members who visit and collect stamps from a certain number of units a year, the Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded when an NPTC member visits 100, 200, 300, 400 or more units, and more!

Community and Forums

The NPTC is made up of members just like you -- people who love our National Parks! We talk, breathe, and live the National Parks and what they represent. While any Parkstamps.org user can take part in our general forums, as a dues-paying NPTC member you'll have additional access to forums on Trip Reports, Passport Stamp Collecting and Trading, fun NPS Quizzes, and more!